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Coffee Tea Cacao Russian Expo 2021.

VIII international exhibition and conference for coffee, tea and cocoa

March 11-13, 2021     Moscow, ECC Sokolniki

about exhibition

coffee tea cacao russian expo - выставка кофе чай какао


the main industry event in the field of coffee, tea, cocoa, cafe and the fast food segment. The event includes: an exhibition, a conference program, educational seminars and master classes, tastings, professional competitions for barista, roasters and tea masters.

Within three days on the site will gather:

  • manufacturers of equipment and packaging for the production of coffee, tea and chocolate
  • suppliers of green coffee, tea raw materials and cocoa beans
  • farmers and plantation owners
  • coffee roasters
  • suppliers of equipment for coffee houses, cafes, bars and restaurants
  • suppliers of milk, pastries, syrups and other ingredients
  • distributors
  • owners of coffee houses and specialized retail
  • confectioners and chocolatiers
  • barista
  • tea masters

We share the latest information from the best Russian and foreign experts, talk about trends and trends, create an opportunity for communication and new acquaintances.

exhibition statistics

exhibition are


Suppliers of raw materials, equipment, accessories, freshly roasted coffee, exclusive teas, bean-to-bar chocolate, bakery manufacturers and confectionery from 40 countries


Manufacturers, distributors, retailers and wholesalers, representatives of the HoReCa segment (coffee houses, bars, restaurants), specialized shops, barista and tea masters


Conference program, including presentations, seminars, discussions, professional tastings, contact bars, coffee and tea championships


Coffee Stage, Tea Stage, Cacao Stage, Cafex Stage, CTC Talks, Drinks Hub, Espresso Bar, Brew Bar, Mix Bar, Tea Bar, Roasting Factory, Coffee and Tea Lab, and more

reasons to visit


  • Fresh analytical data from experts
  • New knowledge and broaden your horizons
  • Get new useful contacts
  • Share real experiences with professionals
  • Learn about innovative new business solutions
  • Live chat with experts
  • Get to know new products
  • Participate in tastings
  • Practical familiarity with the operation of the equipment
  • Gift coffee, roasted with you in a real roasting factory
  • Vivid emotions and positive charge


  • Exhibition of novelties and trends in the field of coffee, tea and chocolate
  • Round tables and discussions
  • Master classes from key experts
  • Roasting Factory
  • Professional tastings and contact bars
  • Professional competitions for barista
  • Professional competitions for roasters
  • Professional competitions for tea masters
  • Awarding the best packaging in the field of coffee, tea and chocolate
  • Award of the person of the year in the field of coffee and tea


purchase with a discount 50% till February, 21, 2021


it will be interesting for

Those who think about business development

related to coffee, tea, cocoa and chocolate, coffee houses, teahouses, cafes and restaurants

  • owners and managers of coffee houses, cafes and restaurants
  • to distributors
  • e-commerce
  • coffee technologists
  • tea production technologists
  • chocolate technologists
  • to everyone who is interested in how to start a business in the field of coffee, tea, chocolate

Those who are looking for suppliers and distributors

for direct contacts

  • green coffee and tea raw materials
  • coffee machines, coffee grinders, boilers and other brewing equipment
  • premium tea, coffee, chocolate
  • coffee roasting equipment
  • packaging and packaging solutions
  • dishes and accessories for tea, coffee, chocolate
  • ingredients for production and business

Marketers and Analysts

interested in relevant information for

  • analysis of trends and trends
  • search for new products
  • live communication with industry experts
  • search for innovative solutions
  • sharing experiences
  • dating decision makers

Barista and tea masters

to participate in educational and competitive projects

  • Barista of the Year National Award
  • National Roaster of the Year Award
  • Tea Masters Cup Championship
  • Tea Latte Battle Championship
  • Packing of the Year award
  • Person of the Year Award

we show how to roast coffee

roasting factory - фабрика обжарки
roasting factory - фабрика обжарки

Roasting Factory

Working roasting equipment
You can see with your own eyes the process of roasting coffee

  • Small load - roasters intended for small production
  • The ideal solution for a startup is the ease of installation and configuration of the coffee roasting process

You will be able to meet and chat with technical specialists from leading equipment manufacturers, learn about new products and technical solutions.

roasting factory - фабрика обжарки

also in our program


Master classes


Tea Championships

Coffee championships

Packaging Award


purchase with a discount 50% till February, 21, 2021


latest news

Запущен сайт премии "Обжарщик года"

Национальная премия — это конкурсный отбор среди лучших обжарщиков страны, ежегодно проводимый журналом “КИЧ” по 2 номинациям: Лучший обжарщик и Лучшая компания в категории произвольная обжарка кофе.

Смешанная система чайного чемпионата ТМС Russia

Финал национального первенства Tea Masters Cup Russia текущего сезона пройдет 11-13 марта 2021 года в Москве, на площадке COFFEE TEA CACAO RUSSIAN EXPO. Национальный чемпионат пройдет в 2-х категориях: «Мастерство приготовления чая» (Tea Preparation), «Мастерство дегустации чая» (Tea Tasting).

На выставке пройдет 5 кофейных чемпионатов

Мы рады сообщить, что на площадке Russian Barista Days 2021 11-13 марта пройдут: - Московский отборочный чемпионат по Кап-тестингу, - Московский отборочный чемпионат по Латте-арт. - Национальная премия "Обжарщик года", - Национальная премия "Бариста года", - Чемпионат Tea Latte Battle.

Photogallery 2020

Video about exhibition 2020

dates and place

March 11-13, 2021
Moscow, ECC Sokolniki


purchase with a discount 50% till February, 21, 2021


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